SURCONS prioritizes the contracting of local suppliers in the drive to stimulate economies in our regions of operation. Requirements for becoming a supplier vary in accordance with the country of operation. From prospecting to qualification of new suppliers, our transparent and ethical relations model promotes a fertile environment for the conception of creative ideas.





1  Prospecting


Companies interested in supplying materials or services fill out a pre-registration form - the model varies according to location. Using this information, we build a base of suppliers, classified into purchasing categories, to service our business. When there is a requirement to purchase materials or services, we invite registered companies to take part in the qualification process.


2  Qalification


At this stage, documents verifying whether companies meet legal requirements in the relevant location are requested. We evaluate legal, tax, safety, occupational health and environmental aspects. Once all requirements are met, the company is approved as a SURCONS supplier and its registration effected.


3  Purchasing and contracting


Bidding phase between approved suppliers. SURCONS determines the most suitable strategy and informs competing companies of bidding process rules. To participate in the purchasing process, companies must be, at minimum, in the qualification process. To be contracted, it is mandatory that the company is duly approved.


4  Contract management


We evaluate companies during provision of the contracted service or supply of material. Information is fed into a database to be used in contract renewals, Supplier Performance Index (IDF) or alteration of volumes contracted. Supplier operation is monitored by a SURCONS - nominated employee. The number of managers may vary in contracts encompassing different departments.