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Types of rolled products


We offer three types of rolled steel including long products, sheet steel and tubes.

Long product range includes the following products.


  • Simple products are long products whose cross sections are simple geometric shapes, including circles, beams, squares, construction rebars, wire and other similar products.

  • Shapes are long products whose cross sections are complex geometric shapes. These include general purpose and special purpose products. General purpose long products include products like I-bars, angle sections or channels. Special purpose long products include tram and train rails, and sections used in machinery, ship building and other manufacturing industries.

Sheet steel includes a range of flat and serrated sheets in a variety of sizes. These include special-purpose sheets for fencing, roofing, automated, ship building and other similar applications, as well as steel strips.

Tubes include an assortment of tubes and pipes in a variety of shapes, lengths and diameters, either welded or seamless.


Types of rolling processes


Hot rolling is a sheet rolling process where steel is heated up to 1000−1300 °С. Types and specifications of hot-rolled plates and strips are defined in GOST 19903−74.

Cold rolling is a manufacturing process that does not include thermal treatment. Types and specifications of cold-rolled plates and strips are defined in GOST 19904−90.

Why purchase steel products from us


  • Wide range of steel products in stock. We are able to deliver sheet steel and other rolled products on short notice.

  • Direct deliveries from the manufacturer. We work directly with manufacturers and are able to offer competitive pricing and quick delivery.

  • Wide range of suppliers. We work with trusted partners and offer high-quality sheet steel and other steel products at competitive prices while expanding our product range to meet the needs of our customers on a regular basis.

  • Combined shipments. We work with both large buyers and customers interested in small batches of sheet steel, long products, tubes or other products.

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