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                                                                PALATINUM PLA -0,1,2


Principal applications:


- Jewellery industry

- Investments


Product Form:






Ingots size 100+/-3 mm х 65+/-2 mm

Ingots weight up to 5.5 kg


Packaging: Plastic containers KT-10 361 х 164 х 125 mm



Physical and chemical characteristics:


- Latin name Platinum (Pt)

- Chemical element of Group VIII in Mendeleev's Periodic Table

- Atomic number78

- Atomic weight 195,08

- Density 21,09-21,45 г/см3

- Melting point 1768,3 °C




Automotive industry is one of the main platinum consumption sectors. Being an active catalyst, platinum is used in manufacturing exhaust catalytic converters, mainly for vehicles with diesel engines. The second largestplatinum consuming industry is, of course, jewelry industry. Process catalysts containing platinum are used in oil refining as well as in production of pharmaceuticals, perfumes, cosmetics and polymers. As a catalyst platinum is used in fuel cells. In glass industryplatinum is used for the production of glass fiber and optical glass. In electronics platinum is required for the production of hard disks for computers, as well as for LCD screenselements. Platinum electrodes application in brain surgery and radiofrequency surgery is in progress.


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