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Principal applications:


- Metallurgy

- Photovoltaics

- Thermoelectrical materials

- Glass industry

- Rubber industry


Product Form:






Ingots weight 4-4.7 kg




Plastic bags in a wooden box (wooden boxes are optionally loaded in steel boxes)


Wooden boxes 420 х 360 х 240 mm

Steel boxes 1220 х 1260 х 1175 mm


Wooden box gross weight 23-43 kg 

Steel box gross weight 700-900 kg





The main area of telluriumconsumption is alloys and steelproduction; tellurium improves corrosion resistance of lead and facilitates mechanical processing of copper and stainless steel. Semiconductor properties of tellurium find their application in manufacturing of photo cells, infrared detectors, thermoelectric generators and refrigeration thermocouples. Tellurium is used for the production of thermocouples for measuring low temperatures. Tellurium is used to give the glass a brown tint. In rubber industry tellurium is used for rubber vulcanizing, increasing its resistance to heat and abrasion.                                                             

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