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                                                  ST-0, ST-1 SELENIUM


Principal applications:


- Electrical industry

- Metallurgy

- Glass industry

- Feedstock and fertilizers


Product Form:






Polypropylene bags in wooden or steel boxes


Steel boxes 1220 х 1260 х 1175 mm,

wooden boxes 420 х 360 х 240 mm


Bags up to 25 kg


Steel box gross weight 1880-2440 кг,

wooden box gross weight 33-36 kg




Selenium consumption is high in metallurgy, electrolytic manganese is produced with the use of selenium. Selenium enhances machinability of stainless steel and certain types of copper alloys. In glass industry, selenium is used for glass colorizing/decolorizing. Selenium is consumed in semiconductor sector; it is used in manufacturing of electric current rectifiers, photocells, photographic exposure meters, solar cells, optical devices. Selenium is added to animal feed and fertilizers.

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