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                                                             SILVER SRA-1,2


Principal applications:


- Electrical industry

- Electronics industry


Product Form:






Bars size 335 x 135 x 300 x 100 x 80 mm

Bars weight 32 kg


Packaging: Plastic containers KTS-1 446 х 160 х 111 mm



Product reference 


Physical and chemical characteristics:


- Argrentum, (Ag)

- Chemical element of Group I in Mendeleev's Periodic Table

- Nuclear number 47

- Nuclear weight 107,8682

- Density of 10,5 g/sm3

- Melting Point 961,9 °С

- Metal of white color, malleable, plastic.


One of scarce elements. Has the best among metals electric conductivity, heat conductivity, reflective ability. Silver chemically low-activity, at the presence of hydrogen sulphide blackens.




Silver is known from most ancient times. In process of development of commodity manufacture it, by virtue of the natural properties (uniformity, divisibility, a retentivity, portability), alongside with gold acted as the monetary goods, played a role of a universal equivalent i.e. money. With 16 and up to the end of 19 centuries prevailed in monetary circulation of the European countries. From the end of the 19th century the most of the countries has passed to gold monometallism. Silver remained as the currency in China, Iran, Afghanistan till 1930s. It is extracted mainly from complex ores, to a lesser degree from silver ores.




Main areas of silver consumption are electrical engineering and electronics. Distinguished by its high electrical and thermal conductivity, silver is used in manufacturing of electrical products’ contacts and multilayer ceramic capacitors. Silver is part of soldering materials for pipes, high-pressure boilers and transformers.Silver is used in aircraft bearings coatings, in mirrors manufacturing and battery production. In chemical industry silver is used as chemical reactionscatalyst. Film and photo industry also use silver, although every year their share in its consumption reducesas a result of development of digital technologies. Silver is widely applied in production of jewelry and decorative items.



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